Since 2013

Custom made horsehair jewelery for animal lovers around the globe. Barnproof.
About us

About us

House of Salmi horsehair jewelery is a combination of tradition, design and high technology. We use the best craftsmen and the finest materials in combination with the hair of your beloved horse.

A team of dedicated experts weave the hair by hand into intrinsic patterns, sometimes combining it with strings of precious metals.

Silver, gold and platinum parts are designed and made by master goldsmiths to the highest standard to carry, to protect and to enhance the beautifully woven hair.

In Memmingen, Germany the weaves and the metal parts are combined in a carefully thought through process creating durable, easy to wear and secure items of fine jewelery.

Your connection with your horse is unique. Nobody can replace you and no horse can replace your horse.

When we use the hair from your horse in the jewelery, we hope to encompass your relationship with the horse or horses. By letting us know your wishes we can make your item even more unique enabling us to capture the spirit of your horse.

We hope you enjoy the House of Salmi collection. Our aim is simply to produce the highest quality horsehair jewelery possible.

With your horse's hair and with your input throughout the creation process we guarantee the piece to be one of a kind. Making it a cherished memento and a long lasting personal piece of adornment.