Free shipping?
By Tomi 07/07/2017 11:46 Comments

Since the beginning, we have been offering free shipping in exchange for a picture of the donor horse. We have done the shipping for free in any case, except the high-value items or courier deliveries.

The reasons for this policy are:

- We don't have a showroom or an office with public access at the moment, so delivery by mail is the only option. It would not be fair to charge for something that is needed for the delivery.

- We hardly ever meet the customer face to face, so having at least a picture of the horse gives us a connection to the rider and the horse.

- Seeing the horse helps us to define the colour patterns and balances.

- The Facebook crowd enjoys the donor pictures.

So how do you get the free shipping? At the checkout choose option "I will send the donor picture for free shipping". Once you receive the booking notice or the instructions, just reply to that with horse pictures attached. Few words about the horse or horses in the pictures are highly appreciated.

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