Metallic weaves aka Alchemist collection.
By TS 04/07/2017 17:49 Comments

Metallic weave makes the ring extremely durable and is a unique feature in our rings. It also adds a visual effect, especially if the hair is of one colour.

Since we get so many requests for metallic weaves on Paso Finos and other models, we have decided to offer them as a standard option on all models.

At the same time, we do away with the Alchemist category. Now, for example, models Arabian and Andalusian, 5 and 8mm wide rings, are replaced with Falabella and Holsteiner with a metallic weave. Cost of those models is also down some 40€ or so.

Not all weave designs are possible to make with a metal string; a small (m) in the drop-down menu indicates the availability of a metallic version for that design.

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