For weaving the horsehair should be as long as possible. The short hair can be woven, but the quality of the weaving will not be optimal. Any horse of any race or age can be a donor, but mixing very different horsehair can cause technical complications and limit the choice of patterns.

To create a pattern we need horsehair of different colors. Here is an example. Pretty bundles of horsehair of three different horses. There are roughly three times more horsehair needed to make a large bracelet but it's always nice to have a little extra hair to decorate the final photo. The horsehair is not shaken too much in the envelope of the scotch is therefore not necessary. The glue of the scotch may damage the the hair so please avoid using it.


Two colors like these allow us to create any pattern:


With a colour like this e can do almost anything, as choosing the hair for weaving is done one by one or we can make a very nice "as is" type weaving. You can also send us a ring if you wish so that we know exactly your finger size and we will return it with the jewel you ordered.



For dog hair jewelry we need very little hair. Here is the hair needed to make 4 pieces: