Silver we use is sterling silver and hallmarked "925". It contains 92,5% silver and 7,5% copper. It is hypo-allergic.


Rosé gold

The gold alloy used as the default is 14K rosé gold. It contains 58,5% gold, typically about 25% copper and 15% silver. In 18K the percentages are 75% gold, 15% copper and 10% silver.

A substantial amount of copper in the mix gives the metal warm, red/brown hue which makes it match the natural tones of brown found in almost all horsehair.

Hallmark states just the purity, "585" for 14K and "750" for 18K.


White gold

Our default white gold gets its colour from palladium and silver. EU has banned the use of nickel and only traces of it is found in the European white gold. However, palladium can in some rare cases be a cause for an allergic reaction. If in doubt, choose platinum.

Hallmarked "585" for 14K and "750" for 18K.


Yellow gold

A mix of gold and silver. 18K yellow gold has very nice colour, almost matching 14K rosé. Highly recommended.

Hallmarked "585" for 14K and "750" for 18K.



Platinum is used as 95% pure. The rest 5% is usually iridium or cobalt, depending on what design it is used for.

Hallmarked "950".


Grey gold

Mix of gold and palladium. Expensive, but worth it.

Hallmarked "585" for 14K and 750.