When you go through the checkout, there will be no payments made at that time. We want to see the hair first to make sure we can work with it. If we can't, we will return it to you at no cost.

The payment options we offer globally are PayPal invoice and in Europe, and why not elsewhere, a bank transfer. SEPA transfer is fast and easy.

PayPal invoice includes our full banking details.

Shipping is done by mail as a registered letter. Items are shipped in a discreet box. Unfortunately, Deutsche Post does not offer a proper, active tracking link, but by feeding the tracking code in the shipping notice into your local postal services tracking, you sometimes get pretty accurate information.

Travel time for the packet is 1-2 days in Germany, 3-4 days in Europe, 7-10 days worldwide.
We used to send Lindt chocolates with the pieces, but that confuses the customs too much and they melt and smear everything. No more chocolates, sorry.