Measuring the bracelet

You can have a comfortable fit for the bracelet by measuring at the wrist bone and then adding 1-1,5cm / 1/3-1/2'' to the measure.

Bracelet can be made longer by adding rings by the lock. This can be done at your local jewellery shop.


Measuring the ring

We make the rings to any size, but before you choose the size, please consider the following:
- Rings are wide and feel tighter than they are. Choose the bigger size from the two sizes you find fitting.
- Because of the palm side tunnel connecting the weave, the ring walls are straight, and this also makes the ring feel tighter than it's size on the scale.
- The ring can't be made smaller afterwards without destroying the weave.
- The ring can be made bigger, but only for some tenths of a millimetre.

There are ways to virtually measuring your finger, but we recommend you measure your finger locally and let us know the circumference in millimetres.

You can find the definitive conversion table in Wikipedia:

Web service we use to convert the sizes:

You can also send us an old ring or buy a cheap silver ring that fits you and send it with the hair.
Sending a picture of a ring on a ruler is for emergency use only.

If your size is not in the drop-down menu, please choose "other" and note the size and unit in the information box on the product page.